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    Waste / Drain Kit

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    Waste / Drain Kit
    Waste / Drain Kit

    Waste / Drain Kit

    Buy Waste / Drain Kit at BuySpares. We have a selection of Waste / Drain Kit to choose from, all available to buy online. BuySpares are the appliance parts experts and we're sure to have everything you need to repair, enhance or accessorise your appliance.

    Hose Waste/Drain Kit

    BuySpares Approved part

    Single fast flow Universal drain kit for plumbing in a dishwasher or washing machine This hose/waste drain kit is for connecting a washing machine... More information

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    Drain Pipe Kit

    BuySpares Approved part

    Complete with 60cm drain pipe 'U' Bend with connectors on each end Includes Wall clips If your appliance is no longer draining and you have noticed... More information

    Sorry, this product is no longer available.